Learning difficulties

During training, many of the students (both junior and high school)have certain difficulties in learning the material. Вbook by S.N. Kostromina and A.F. Anufriev “How to overcome difficulties inteaching children” (M., 2000) they are all painted in detail. We will stoponly on some of them.1 Problems with written tasks.A. Letter skip in written works.One of […]

Taking into account the individual learning style of students in teaching foreign languages based on a competent approach

The essence and content of the individual style of teaching of students As the analysis of the works shows, the history of studying the style begins from the very moment when a person thinks about the reasons of individual peculiarity of his own being. Thinkers, scientists, artists for many centuries tried to answer the questions […]

Benefits of Homeschooling

The pros and cons of home schooling To make an informed decision on the transition to a new form of education, it is necessary to carefully consider everything, weighing the pros and cons of home schooling. What can home schooling give you and your child? 1) Individual programme – individual, not standardized training. With home […]

“System of support for children with special educational needs and their parents: achievements and development prospects”

In his message, President Vladimir Putin said: “…Modernization and innovative development is the only way that will allow Russia to become a competitive society of the XXI century, to provide a decent life for all our citizens”. The National Educational Initiative “Our New School” approved by the President of the Russian Federation stresses that the […]