What is a cognate

In linguistics, cognates, also called lexical cognates, are words that have a common etymological origin. Cognates are often inherited from a shared parent language, but they may also involve borrowings from some other language. For example, the English words dish, disk and desk and the German word Tisch (“table”) are cognates because they all come from Latin discus, which relates to their flat surfaces. Cognates may have evolved similar, different or even opposite meanings, and although there are usually some similar sounds or […]

Fun questions to ask kids

Children are naturally curious, and they crave information. This prompts them to ask questions. Almost every parent has experienced this — they ask you one question, only to bombard you with a plethora of others following your answer. Have you ever tried turning the tables and taking on the role of the investigator? Presenting pertinent […]

5 grade go math book answers

There is no charge 5 grade go math book answers for a first university degree at public universities in Germany. Master’s studies can cost money. How much does it cost and when is it free? Master’s degree in GermanyThe abolition of tuition fees at German universities applies to the first higher education (grundständiges Studium) – […]

Study Abroad cognates

Experts claim that the number of those seeking education abroad will almost double in the very near future. The educational cognates company Begin Group conducted research that showed that a quarter of Russian parents plan to send their children abroad to study, despite the fact that the cost of studying in foreign schools and universities […]