Planning your free time – tips for schoolchildren

An overwhelming number of schoolchildren believe that it takes many hours to prepare all their homework for example Of course, many children sit at their books until midnight. But in most cases, the reason for this is disorganization. We use school time for its intended purpose. Teachers often observe the following situation: a pupil […]


Here are some tips to help parents and the future student to prepare into shsat test and get used to the new, school life. It is very important to help the first-grader believe in himself, his strengths and abilities, then he will be more confident to take his first steps in school. “I believe in […]

How to correctly interact with the causal body

It’s impossible to realize dharmic tasks, to have spiritual experiences, and to develop the enormous potential inherent in each of us without a developed causal body and Remember that through the causal body we can ascend to the higher subtle bodies – the buddhic and atmic bodies, where the connection with the higher self […]