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7 reasons yoga is better than sex

Over lunch with colleagues, you can openly discuss belts, bolsters, and yoga bricks and https://www.julianalucky.com/post/spectra-breast-pump. But it is not customary to talk about sex toys out loud.
A photo in a complex and beautiful yoga pose will surely collect hundreds of likes. Photography in difficult sexual positions can also be popular. But, most likely, it will become the reason for blocking your account.
Yoga has no age limit. Doing yoga with minors is not a reason to accuse you of pedophilia.
Yoga is freedom and novelty. You can be open about your love of diversity. The frequent change of partners in yoga is not condemned by society, in contrast to the frequent change of sexual partners.
Public practice of yoga is not discouraged by society. When practicing asanas on the beach or in the park, you are unlikely to get negative feedback from passers-by. And if you are lucky, you will even find fans. Having sex in a public place is sure to displease casual viewers. And the angry exclamations of the crowd are not the worst outcome for such an undertaking.
Yoga is an effective and easy way to add variety to your married life. Acro yoga and steam yoga classes are easier to find than swing clubs.
After doing yoga, you have the legal right to remain silent. And if you accidentally fall asleep in shavasana, the trainer and other practitioners will take it with understanding. Whereas the desire to keep quiet after sex can be perceived with hostility by your partner, and snoring can become a serious reason for a long resentment.