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Art and child development

It is important to distinguish the concept of “talent” from “creativity” – a child does not have to create a masterpiece and read https://argoprep.com/blog/goal-and-strategy-for-schools/ in order to gain meaningful artistic experience. In art for children, the process of creation is of the greatest value – research, discovery and experimentation. Through self-expression and creativity, the child’s skills will develop naturally.

Do not forget that there are various directions in creativity, each of which helps to hone a certain talent. Here is what can help uncover each of them:

Parents Painting Picture With Children At Home

Music and https://argoprep.com/blog/building-professional-learning-communities/ develops intellectual, auditory, sensory, speech abilities and motor skills. It helps to build relationships with other children and relax.
Literature is responsible for cognitive skills such as memory, imagination.
Painting develops fine motor skills. Increases self-esteem, teaches you to express your feelings and emotions.
You can learn such important values ​​as respect and tolerance through the theater. It allows children to put themselves in the place of the characters, to live their experience.
Dance is movement and physical expression. It has a positive effect on physical development, social and creative abilities, and is also useful for emotional intelligence.