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How to make sure your child is learning enough

Children learn new skills for example pictographs at their own pace, and it’s up to parents to stimulate interest Yulia, mother of four-year-old Sasha, says: “I often talk to mothers, and they tell me about what their children are doing. One is learning English. The second one is in art school and recently won a […]

How to get a child interested in math?

Mathematics is a special school discipline that requires students to be logical, attentive and memorable. Many parents puzzle over how to interest their child in mathematics including number bonds sum 9, because without this subject he can not do without. First of all, you need to inspire the schoolchildren. Often children have difficulty with math, […]

How parents can help their child learn

Here are suggestions for parents to help their child prepare for school and understand what are the examples of suffixes. Get your child used to organizing his or her workspace. The workplace should be adequately lit. The source of light should be in the front or on the left so that no shade from the […]

10 Tips to Help Your Child in Math

Math is unfairly considered the most difficult science that neither adults nor children love. But how do we help a child in math if we don’t even give them a chance to understand its beauty, depth, and value? Look around you. Everything around us is subject to the laws of mathematics: time, space, objects and […]

How to help your child fall in love with math

Mathematics including touch math numbers 1-9 is a difficult but very important subject in the school curriculum. We tell you how to get your child interested in algebra and geometry, and why even humanities students need it. Social stereotypes divide people into technicians and humanitarians. It is considered that the first perceive information through numbers […]


Reading is one of the main ways of acquiring information, so mastering the skill of meaningful reading is the most important condition for students to learn in school in all subjects. As a special kind of activity, reading provides great opportunities for mental, aesthetic and speech development of the child. This implies the need for […]


What Is An Adjective? Adjectives including adjectives starting with a l provide details about people, places, and things. We use adjectives to alter nouns and pronouns. For example, we can make a noun like duck more specific by introducing it with an adjective like tiny or quiet. While adjectives can make your writing more descriptive, […]

The Specialized High School Exam: A Flawed Test in a Flawed System

Every October, roughly one-third of the eligible eighth-graders in New York City — between 25,000 and 30,000 students — take the Standardized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT) for a chance to attend one of the city’s eight specialized high schools. Admission to these schools is highly competitive, and spots are coveted. While less than 20% […]

Standardized Test Timeline for High School Students: What to Take and When?

From the SAT and SAT Subject Tests to the ACT and AP tests, you can encounter a lot of exams throughout high school. So when do they happen? And when should you study? And when should you register? Oh, and when do you schedule a time to freak out?! (Don’t freak out.) Don’t we all love the […]

What is a cognate

In linguistics, cognates, also called lexical cognates, are words that have a common etymological origin. Cognates are often inherited from a shared parent language, but they may also involve borrowings from some other language. For example, the English words dish, disk and desk and the German word Tisch (“table”) are cognates because they all come from Latin discus, which relates to their flat surfaces. Cognates may have evolved similar, different or even opposite meanings, and although there are usually some similar sounds or […]