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Carefully follow the teacher’s instructions for tuning

Choose a teacher who pays enough attention to the technique of performing asanas, gives precise instructions indicating the parts of the body and their position in space, and does not litter the air with empty talk that distracts attention.

The pace of the lesson https://www.julianalucky.com/ should be comfortable: too slow a pace can be tiring, and changing positions too quickly will not allow you to build up and realize the asana in a quality manner, which means it can lead to injury.

If you are just starting to practice yoga, you should not improvise on the mat and “move with the flow”, reproducing random shapes that you remember from the classes.

Firstly, the beginner practitioner has not yet developed bodily sensitivity. This means that he can go beyond the available amplitude or make a mistake when adjusting an unmastered asana, which can lead to injury.
Secondly, asanas are arranged in a sequence not by chance, but taking into account the principles of compensation, in order to provide the muscles and joints with an adequate load and conditions for recovery. If you do not yet know the principles of sequencing, use ready-made complexes compiled by an experienced teacher.
With experience, when you learn the possibilities and limitations of your body, understand how to make the practice balanced and safe, you will be able to experiment by doing different variations of asanas and combining them in different sequences.