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How to learn to control your emotions: 4 strong exercises and 5 mistakes. In pass free gre online practice tests

One of the key signs of a free and whole person, the master of his life is a high degree of spontaneity and arbitrariness in managing his own emotions. A person, on the other hand, constricted, insecure, “clogged” by society, expresses emotions only as a reaction to various external stimuli. He is like a puppet […]

Mathematics on your own. Where to start math 1st grade.

All it says is IMHO. Follow or not your personal decision. Remember: What helps some people may be useless to others and vice versa. Every year around the beginning of May there is a barrage of calls. The end of the school year is coming and parents are beginning to realize that exams are coming […]

How to allocate assets using fundamental analysis

To obtain a satisfactory financial result with the lowest risk, you need to distribute your assets wisely. Distribution of assets is your decision on how, where and in what proportions you will invest your capital, even if it will be one thousand dollars. A fundamental analysis will help you. And about that in today’s article. […]

Macroeconomics and the economic calendar

When choosing securities for investment, it is necessary to assess not only the financial multipliers of companies and industries, but also to pay attention to the general mood of investors around the world. On passing by it it is necessary to be defined still in stocks or bonds of what country it is most favourable […]

Five indicators to help you choose your stock

For the last two or three months we have been talking in some detail about how to analyze the company by its various indicators – multipliers.And it is really important, but in order to delve into these difficult matters with knowledge, an investor should initially gather as much information about the securities traded in the […]

Profitability multipliers

The goal of each investor is to invest money as efficiently as possible, i.e. to get the maximum return on investment. The profitability of the company can be compared with its economic efficiency, as it shows how much added value the company is able to generate over a period of time (usually a year), which, […]

Solvency and financial stability multipliers

Financial sustainability multipliers – show the extent to which a company is credited and its ability to service its debts and solvency multipliers – show the ability of a company to pay its debts through both cash and asset sales. The multipliers are financial derivatives by which investors assess the investment attractiveness of a business […]

Asset Inflation

What is inflation? It’s a depreciation of money. Economic theory tells us that there are two main types of inflation – demand inflation and cost inflation. In the first case, too much money is running after too few goods.In the second case, an overheated economy generates a huge demand for resources, the prices of which […]

Bear and bull market. What is this?

Probably anyone interested in the stock market saw the sculpture of Italian sculptor Arturo Di Modica in New York on Wall Street. It’s a powerful bull sweeping away everything in its path. No less popular on the market…and the image of an angry bear. So who are they and what do they mean? Today we […]

Yield curve inversion: dynamics and consequences

Since October, when the head of the Federal Reserve Jerome Powell said that the rate is “far from neutral”, shares of the U.S. and global companies have adjusted by more than 10%. Oil prices collapsed by 35%, while the dollar continued to rise.and now 8% above its February low. The SPDR financial sector lost 11% […]