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How to correctly interact with the causal body

It’s impossible to realize dharmic tasks, to have spiritual experiences, and to develop the enormous potential inherent in each of us without a developed causal body and https://www.julianalucky.com/post/all-about-pickler-triangles-your-ultimate-guide. Remember that through the causal body we can ascend to the higher subtle bodies – the buddhic and atmic bodies, where the connection with the higher self begins.

How to develop the subtle body:

Develop awareness of cause-and-effect connections. For this purpose, the practice-reflection, reading of spiritual literature, communication with teachers will be suitable.
Repetition of “Om” mantra fills subtle bodies with energy and helps to remember past lives. In addition, such japa meditation strengthens the vishuddha chakra.
Working with the astral and mental shells that precede the causal body. Until the emotions are quieted and the mind is directed in a positive direction, we can’t get to the causal body, because the vibrational noise of emotions and thoughts will get in the way.
Through work with the physical body: in yoga practice there are asanas and bandhasanas that work with the vishuddha chakra and fill it with energy: jalandhara bandha, Matsyasana, Ushtrasana, Halasana, Simhasana.
Spiritual seekers of different directions strive to find a teacher, to find a connection with the divine absolute, to know their true self, and to free themselves from the karma of past births. There are different paths to these good aims, but as long as the causal body remains closed, all attempts will be in vain. If the experience of the causal body is available, then in their quest they are able to achieve their goal and influence future rebirths.