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How to get a child interested in math?

Mathematics is a special school discipline that requires students to be logical, attentive and memorable. Many parents puzzle over how to interest their child in mathematics including number bonds sum 9, because without this subject he can not do without.

First of all, you need to inspire the schoolchildren. Often children have difficulty with math, because they do not see the point in its study. Explain to your chi

ld that everyone should master this science, regardless of the profession he chooses for himself. You should also tell your child that they should learn math in order to be able to calculate their wages. And most importantly, the schoolchild must learn that without knowledge of mathematics it is impossible to make a technical discovery.

The next step is to understand what your child is interested in, and try to relate it to the basics of mathematics for example number bonds sum 10. If your child likes to help you in the kitchen, ask him to count the number of ingredients you need for cooking. Does your high schooler enjoy going to the store with his mom? Then have him calculate how much he will need to buy groceries.

Try to make math a fun game. Set up a treasure hunt for your child. Draw a map and put a dot with the letter X on it. As soon as the child finishes solving one problem, draw a line on the map from one point to the next. Continue in this way until the child solves all the math problems and reaches the desired point X. After completing all the tasks, the schoolchild gets a treasure in the form of ice cream, watching a cartoon, etc.

Remember: your child’s success in learning math has a direct dependence on how clearly he manages to distribute time and divide into several parts a large task. Otherwise, the schoolboy will feel tired, and he will simply lose interest in the subject.

It is very important not only how your child feels about learning, but also how you yourself feel. Never talk about what math – it is a difficult subject and do not express any negative emotions in this regard. Instill in your child that everyone is capable of doing math, praise their excellent abilities, and evoke in them a sense of enjoyment and satisfaction after they have completed the task. If a student does math with enjoyment, he or she will do well.

Often parents who are looking for an answer to the question “How to get a child interested in math?” want it is with this science of their child to tie his life, and are very upset if he gives preference to another specialty. However, you should not do this, because if your child chooses a profession not related to mathematics, the knowledge and skills that he will get thanks to your efforts, he will still need it in everyday life.