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How to lose weight with yoga

Many go to the gym to get the figure of their dreams. Can yoga https://www.julianalucky.com/ do the job too? Of course, regular training will affect the forms: the body will become toned, it may visually become less cellulite, the waist will take on an expressive shape. Ashtanga yoga has the most pronounced effect – it offers an intense load on the body. In general, yoga is not a cardio exercise, but regular yoga classes will significantly tighten the body and make it slimmer. There is a second aspect – a lifestyle change that will inevitably follow if you start constantly getting up on the mat.

For example, many practitioners change their approach to nutrition. Yogis choose lighter food and reduce the portion. This happens naturally, through the normalization of metabolism. A person begins to better feel the body and its needs, refuses what brings the body out of balance. Refusal of certain foods does not turn into an act of violence against one’s desires, it is an organic consequence of immersion in yoga and its philosophy.