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How to teach a child to read: tips for parents

Reading and know word scramble is one of the main skills that a child develops in preschool age.

If you are teaching a child to read, turn the activity into a game. Play with letters, words and sounds. These activities will help your child understand how words and sounds are conveyed in writing. Consider some tips that will help your child not only learn to read, but also love this activity. Use each tip throughout the week and find one that works for your child.

Talk to your child

Portrait of an adorable baby girl wearing glasses on the table (soft focus on the eyes)

Ask your child to talk about their day at school. Let him tell you what they went through in class, what tasks he did, what games he played during recess, what they gave for breakfast in the dining room, etc.

Learn poems, tongue twisters, etc. with your child.

Sing nursery rhymes with your child, read poetry books https://argoprep.com/store/product/6th-grade-common-core-math-workbook-multiple-choice/, learn tongue twisters and repeat them. All these activities help the child to feel what sounds the words are made of.

Read and find matches

When you read books with your child, find correspondences between what you read and what is happening in life. For example, if you are reading a book about animals, link it to your last trip to the zoo. Explain the meaning of words to your child using examples that he can understand.

Use the child’s name

The most familiar word for a child is his name. Use it to show your child the connection between letters and words. For example, you can say, “Ilya, the word“ go ”starts with the same sound as your name. Go, Ilya – both words that I have named begin with the letter “and”.

Play with dolls

Young children love to play with dolls or plush toys. Use them to learn words and letters with your child. Take the doll in your hand and say on her behalf: “Hello, my name is Sasha. I love the words that rhyme with my name. Does the word “porridge” rhyme with the name Sasha? And the word “roof”? ”

Draw letters with your finger

Invite your child to point to a letter, trace its outline with a finger, and name the sound it stands for. Over time, you can complicate the task: invite your child to draw a letter with his finger in the sand or with a pencil on paper. This will help your child develop writing skills.

Write letters

Take paper and a pencil so your child can write letters. Together with him, write a couple of sentences about something that the child will find interesting. Have your child use the letters and sounds they learn in school.

Play games with sounds

Show your child how sounds form into words. For example, tell him: “Do you know which word consists of the sounds“ m ”,“ I ”and“ h ”? Say each sound longer than usual so that the child does not immediately guess which word you have chosen.

Read books to your child as much as possible.

If your child likes a book, read it to him over and over again. While reading, pause and ask the child about what is happening with the characters.

Talk about letters and sounds

Help your child learn the names of letters and the sounds they represent. Turn your learning into a game. For example, you can do it like this: “I have chosen a letter, and it denotes a sound …”