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A new challenge in education has arisen: to teach and prepare individuals to be able to locate and retrieve the information they need in an abundance of information, and to be able to assimilate it as knowledge. Today’s graduates must possess the necessary set of knowledge, skills and qualities that will allow them to feel confident in today’s high-tech world, as well as to compete with others. In this case, the problem of learning and understanding not only the system of knowledge including go math grade 1, skills and abilities in mathematics, but also universal learning activities for their acquisition and application is particularly relevant.

The question arises as to how to maintain students’ interest in the material under study and to involve them throughout the lesson so that the teacher not only has to present the material clearly and colorfully than in the textbook, but becomes the organizer of the cognitive activity, where the main actor is the learner. This all leads to a search for adequate pedagogical technologies and the ability to use them in practice.

There is a need to constantly improve the cost-effectiveness of training, to use different ways of presenting information about go math grade 2, to apply new forms of influence and interest of the learner, stimulating the process of learning.

The introduction of new technologies includes a huge change in the field of education, previously the focus was the teacher, but at the moment all the attention is directed to the learner. This allows each of them to learn in a comfortable environment that is appropriate for them, which helps them learn the material more easily.

The use of information technology in learning contributes to the formation of unique pedagogical techniques, smoothes the formation of the transition from classical to interactive forms of learning, allows you to expand the diversity of solved mathematical problems and examples. In the field of innovative and educational technologies revealed that the introduction of computer technology in the educational process, allows you to improve efficiency and the level of learning, to attract more students to the educational process, causing interest in them.

Through the use of information technology, the teacher has many opportunities, such as multimedia presentations containing educational material, formulas, animations, graphs and charts. All these components help to organize the learning process in the best way, to increase the visibility of the material, to enhance learning and cognitive activities, to interest as many students as possible in the learning process. Therefore, the learning process becomes fascinating, creative and aimed directly at the student.

Multimedia presentations are of enormous value in training computer programs, effective demonstration of drawings, diagrams, pictures, saving training time, memorization and assimilation of educational material by students.

Innovative educational technologies used in the teaching of mathematics, contribute in the creation of communication between the teacher and students, as well as help develop the individual abilities of students.

Conclusions. Thus, the introduction of innovative technologies in the educational process, provides benefits not only for students, but also for teachers. With the development of information technology, teachers can use the latest pedagogical ideas, thereby arousing interest in students. And also, it becomes possible to choose methods, the quality of presentation of the material, types of training tasks and tasks, ways of monitoring and checking the students’ knowledge and much more.