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Planning your free time – tips for schoolchildren

An overwhelming number of schoolchildren believe that it takes many hours to prepare all their homework for example https://argoprep.com/math/1st-grade/addition/commutative-law/. Of course, many children sit at their books until midnight. But in most cases, the reason for this is disorganization.

We use school time for its intended purpose.

Teachers often observe the following situation: a pupil at algebra lesson cheats off a classmate’s solution of problems in physics, at physics lesson he writes an essay on history, and at history lesson he paints a contour map on geography.

At first glance, it may seem like time has been successfully saved. But in reality it is irretrievably lost. After all, the child missed the explanation of the material about multiplication sets worksheets in several disciplines at once. Consequently, he will have to study the topics that were explained by teachers at home, instead of resting. If a student does this constantly, his gaps in knowledge will increase every day. After a while, the help of a tutor will be needed. Deterioration of health will be inevitable. After all, the child will not sleep and have enough rest.

Combine vacation from school and homework.

It’s no secret that at different times we have different levels of performance. As a rule, we work more productively after awakening. After a few hours, our capacity for work decreases significantly. However, by 16-17 hours, it increases again. A couple of hours later, it decreases again. From this we can conclude that in order to learn the material, it is desirable to use the time in which we have an increased capacity for work. This will save a lot of time.

When a child returns from school, he should not immediately open his textbooks and notebooks. But postpone the preparation of homework for later time, too, do not need. If Chado is studying in high school, it is desirable for him to sit down for textbooks at 16 hours. Before that, the child can have lunch, walk a little in the yard and help you around the house.If the young creature begins classes in the afternoon, you can advise him to start preparing homework at 8 o’clock.

Nothing should be distracting when doing homework.

Many students, starting to study material, turn on music. However, this makes the work unproductive. After all, music is constantly distracting. Some students, when problems arise with subjects that are difficult for them, call their classmates to ask for help. But in most cases, the consultation turns into a long conversation.

The workplace is also important. Many children spend precious minutes trying to find a lost pen, pencil, notebook, or something else.

Make time to relax.

The best rest is a combination of physical and intellectual work. Every child needs to constantly be out walking in the fresh air and playing active games, but also do not forget to help parents at home. Parents should periodically ask their child to wash the floor or cook a meal. Students should also show an interest in technology, literature, painting, etc. This will help them become intellectually mature individuals.

If your child sticks to the daily routine, they will do their homework for a maximum of three hours.