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The psychological effect of screaming

Scientists conducted an experiment: they filmed the faces of people at the moment of screaming. Then they and https://argoprep.com/blog/student-centered-learning/ showed them to the subjects themselves and studied the reactions: the majority noted that their appearance at the time of the cry ranged from frightening to disgusting. People expressed bewilderment – is it possible that their cute face is so transformed just from a cry ?! Indeed, at this moment, a person’s facial expressions change dramatically. A scary facial expression is the first thing a child is afraid of.

The second is a threatening tone. An increased tone is regarded as a readiness for physical impact. In relation to strangers, we never know whether the screaming person will limit herself to verbal aggression or start a fight. So are children – they are afraid of a scream, because they think that something worse can follow it. Especially if this “worse” has already taken place.

Thirdly, children feel confused. Mom and dad are the closest people who give love and protection. But in moments of crying, the child feels threatened by relatives. He feels powerless, inability to resist the aggression of an adult. Later, this results in distrust of loved ones, low self-esteem and chronic stress.

Research scientists
Neuroscientists from the University of Pittsburgh (USA) studied the effect of screaming and https://argoprep.com/blog/restorative-justice-in-schools/ on the mental state of children. As it turned out, talking with a child in raised tones causes aggression, or vice versa – tightness, passivity.

Another study has confirmed that yelling contributes to behavioral problems and depression in adolescents. And a survey of almost 1,000 families showed that parents’ remorse after another nervous breakdown does not improve the situation in any way: mental injuries remain with their children for a long time and cause new rounds of disobedience.

The relationship of screams with health has also been proven. In families with an unfavorable psychological climate, the general level of children’s health is much lower than in those who live in a relatively comfortable atmosphere.

Thus, parents should realize that if you yell at your children, then you will not get anything but reciprocal aggression, disobedience and health problems. Think about whether it is worth launching this destructive mechanism and is it fair to a little unprotected man? Is that how you see your educational role in his life? Are you ready for the inevitable consequences of such actions?