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To help moms and dads: what to do if the child does not like school?

Contrary to the dreams of loving parents, not all children love school and https://argoprep.com/blog/educators/fake-news-examples-for-students-and-how-to-find-the-facts/.  This happens for various reasons. Sometimes moms and dads themselves are to blame, in another case – the unfavorable situation at school, in the third option – the student is simply not interested in school.


A child may not like school even before he goes to it. This is facilitated by family members, kindergarten teachers, older brothers and sisters. Parents begin to intensively prepare the child for school, loading him with classes, depriving him of walks. Educators arrange touching matinees of farewell to childhood. The child understands that everything is over for him: childhood, games in the yard and at home, now there are no toys, because he has become an adult. Older brothers and sisters-pupils tell the kid about scary teachers, deuces and tests.

Against the backdrop of all conversations, the question is usually raised whether the child wants to go to school and read https://argoprep.com/blog/goal-and-strategy-for-schools/.  What to answer if he has already drawn a scary picture. No one argues that the baby needs to be prepared for school. It is necessary to properly motivate him: the school will help the child become smarter, gain more knowledge in various fields.

Even before school, the future first grader must have some skills, read, write in block letters, tell fairy tales, be able to work with plasticine, a designer. Parents and kindergarten teachers are called upon to develop the child. If there are good basic skills, then schooling will be easy for him, which means that he will like everything.


Parents are too protective of their children, not trusting them to do even simple tasks. The preschooler spends a lot of time with his mother. And suddenly in September he is taken to school for half a day, tearing him away from his parents. The first-grader is not used to this. He has to solve pressing issues himself, but he is not ready for this.

He does not know how to stack books on the table and put them in a backpack.
He is not accustomed to the fact that someone pushes him, he does not know how to react to the stupid remarks of his classmates.
How he should change for physical education: this is a whole science.
It is difficult for a first-grader, he develops fear, anxiety. There is a dislike for school. Parents should give more freedom to their child: he must serve himself. A teacher cannot replace a first grader’s own mother. He must teach the subjects.


A student, especially in adolescence, is very emotional and sensitive to comments addressed to him. If they sound from his own classmates, then this is doubly offensive. Everything can be criticized: clothes, hairstyle, knowledge. Excessive curiosity and passion for the subject, or vice versa, ignorance of the educational material can be ridiculed.

If a student went to school with pleasure, and for some time now began to complain of malaise, abdominal pain or headache, then these can be not only symptoms of the disease, but also false signs: the child does not want to go to school. Parents should not let this behavior go unnoticed. Perhaps the child has real problems that need to be discussed and a way out of this situation.


The teacher not only carries knowledge, but also controls the skills acquired in the lessons. A student may not like total control, but such is the system. The child must be ready for this. He will have, whether he wants to or not, to learn lessons, answer the teacher’s questions, and the teacher is obliged to evaluate the student’s work and put a mark.

Insecure children are always afraid of bad grades: they will be scolded. Students with adequate self-esteem perceive poor grades as a signal: what they need to work on. It happens that the relationship between the child and the teacher does not add up. You need to find out the reason and work on it. If mutual understanding is reached, then the student will not feel hatred for the school.