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Singapore math homeschool

Singapore math homeschool

The principle of the Singapore math homeschool audiolinguistic method – work on speech. Many linguists believe that it is impossible to learn a foreign language without the use of the speech machine, to speak constantly, even doing written tasks (the so-called proofreading of written text). The teacher pronounces every new word, the pupils repeat everything aloud several times.

An indispensable attribute of teaching a foreigner is listening to audio recordings. Pupils develop the perception of speech of native speakers, trying to highlight the main thing. After that they are asked to do a number of written tasks, for example, to recreate some suggestions from what they have heard, to remember the data or to express their opinion on a given topic. Helps to improve the foreign language watching movies in the original language. In this way the vocabulary is replenished, it is possible to improve pronunciation, to learn to perceive by hearing speech at different rates, to distinguish emotions and hidden meaning of what was said.

Singapore math homeschool

The best way to learn a language is to communicate with native speakers. If it is not possible to move to a foreign language country for a while, you will have to create a piece of it in your home country. How does the immersion method work in the language environment? Most often it is used to teach children from an early age. For them they create a bilingual, i.e. bilingual environment. The subjects are first presented only in a foreign language, teachers also speak a foreign language.

The method of immersion in a language environment creates extreme conditions, but still makes you activate and adapt to new circumstances. Language courses often use similar tactics. Teachers offer to choose a foreign name, create another biography, and introduce themselves in a foreign country. These imaginative games help you better adjust to the situation. Students develop first of all communication skills, replenish their vocabulary.

The most common in modern schools and higher education institutions. It is aimed at comprehensive development of all skills – the ability to read, write and communicate, but most attention is paid to communication. Constant interaction between the teacher and students helps to learn the material much better. In the process of interesting classes there is natural learning. Students build dialogues, with written training or spontaneously, create small monologues, invent stories on given topics.

Working in pairs helps to quickly navigate according to the situation. It is necessary to answer to the interlocutor on his questions, on the way to invent own. It is often suggested to play a scene in roles. The method of discussion is actively used, in which the whole audience of students takes part. The illusion of being in a natural language environment is created. The teacher acts more as a mentor and adviser, who carefully points out the mistakes and their cause.

The communicative method is effective due to its spontaneity and purposefulness. A learner never knows how his or her interlocutor will answer this or that question. The perception of speech is improved, the vocabulary is actively used. The pupil tries to replace certain words with synonyms, to express his thoughts more clearly. Brainstorming is a learning method often used. The dyscalculia test online free problem is given, at the output there should be a solution. Discussion is most often held in small groups (“buzzing groups”). Everyone can express his opinion.

All the methods of learning a foreign language described above are aimed at solving specific problems. Some of them increase the level of literacy, others – develop skills of communication with native speakers. For home schooling, the most effective method is lexical-grammatical, so called dictionary-based learning. Listening to audio materials helps to improve pronunciation and speech perception. Communication skills can only be improved through the use of a communicative learning method.

At the same time you should not forget about writing. In the process of learning a foreign language, it is necessary to pay attention to this point. Short essays on a given topic, reviews, articles of journalistic nature, business documentation and correspondence – in parallel with classes to improve the knowledge of grammar and vocabulary, as advised by experienced teachers and course developers, it is worth taking on such tasks.