The Great Losers: 5 Geniuses Who Did Not Do Well in School

We send our children to school with the admonition to study well and get upset if they do the opposite. But the history of mankind has proven: bad grades and do not prevent the achievement of unprecedented heights. Indeed, even some outstanding people, the pride of mankind, had learning difficulties when they were children. […]

A’s are not the main achievement in life: the secrets of proper motivation from the “lazy mom

The first month of school and compound sentence examples is behind us, and during this time, parents of schoolchildren probably had time to rejoice more than once at their first “A “s and be saddened by unexpected “C “s. But are grades that important? After all, are school grades important or not important? Is it […]

Prerequisites for the practice. Rules before the first yoga class

It is desirable to practice on an empty stomach or 3 hours after a meal. You don’t believe me? Read For those who have stomach problems, you can drink tea with milk, cocoa, yogurt, etc. an hour before the practice. Or eat some fruit. Before the class you need to make sure that you […]

How can you help your child learn better?

Your child cannot or does not want to study including, is restless … Teachers complain about bad behavior, hyperactivity and aggressiveness … Learning is given with great difficulty – the child does not understand or does not remember information, is nervous when doing homework … Learn with the child a couple of quatrains is […]

7 reasons yoga is better than sex

Over lunch with colleagues, you can openly discuss belts, bolsters, and yoga bricks and But it is not customary to talk about sex toys out loud. A photo in a complex and beautiful yoga pose will surely collect hundreds of likes. Photography in difficult sexual positions can also be popular. But, most likely, it […]


Meditation has many benefits and is part of many yoga practices including In this article, we will take a closer look at the connection between meditation practices and our attention. Can meditation help you develop concentration? Does it have any visible effect on attention deficit disorders such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder? Five large-scale […]

The fourth chakra – Anahata

The chakra is located near the heart. More information is available here: The color of the chakra is green. The mantra for the chakra is “Yam”. The chakra is connected with the element of air. And the person at this level shows itself as air: it is already more subtle energy, than the element […]


Desire is the clothing of all creation. Desire is the enemy of Knowledge and Light. The enemy of Wisdom – Wisdom plunges into the flames, That greedy flame in the guise of desire.” “Mahabharata.” What do you know about Brahmacharya and Surely in most cases you have encountered this interpretation of the concept, such […]

Trauma safety in hatha yoga practice

Perhaps the main task of a hatha yoga instructor in my opinion is to create the right energy setting and to maintain it during the whole class. If the mood is right students won’t be in a hurry, they will be more thoughtful, they’ll be able to tune in better, concentrate on a calm and […]

Children don’t want to learn! Entertain or compel?

A new school year has begun. As a school psychologist, I attend parent-teacher meetings. I am engaged in the so-called psychoeducation. I tell “unenlightened” parents about the age characteristics of adolescents. Parents listen – some with obvious interest in go math 3 grade, some with thoughts about how many cases could be redone during this […]