Correct breathing in yoga

Breath work in yoga is just as important as asanas. Inhalation and exhalation are done through the nose. A slow, long inhalation is followed by an equally long, smooth exhalation. Each asana is performed for six cycles of breathing. When performing dynamic ligaments, movements are made in the rhythm of natural breathing, and not […]

Distance learning is the choice of modern people

By leaps and bounds, people of the 21st century are paving the way in the wilds of the irrevocably arrived era of information. The saturation of each day with events and (thanks to electronic media and mobile communications) is hundreds of times higher than the information flow of the last century. In a unit […]

How to teach a child to read: tips for parents

Reading and know word scramble is one of the main skills that a child develops in preschool age. If you are teaching a child to read, turn the activity into a game. Play with letters, words and sounds. These activities will help your child understand how words and sounds are conveyed in writing. Consider some […]

I want to go to school!

How to prepare your child for school and songs with figurative language? Do I need to rebuild his daily routine in advance? How to find the right clothes and shoes? Why do children develop flat feet and what to do about it? A serious event awaits the whole family – the child goes to first […]

Carefully follow the teacher’s instructions for tuning

Choose a teacher who pays enough attention to the technique of performing asanas, gives precise instructions indicating the parts of the body and their position in space, and does not litter the air with empty talk that distracts attention. The pace of the lesson should be comfortable: too slow a pace can be tiring, […]


Before entering the yoga studio, we are introduced to some rules of conduct during practice. I got acquainted with the rules of many studios, and wrote my own. But first, before signing up for the practice, we go to aliexpress, we are looking for: for women tummy control high waist leggings sports leggings. We […]

5 tips for organizing art classes

Parents of preschoolers often ask the question: how can a child develop a creative personality and homework debate? To develop creative thinking and creative activity, it is necessary to engage with the child. Moreover, these activities should be more like joyful communication than lessons. How to achieve this? Tip 1. Give your child a choice […]

Psychologist’s recommendations to parents of first-graders

A sober attitude of parents to the abilities of a son or daughter is the key to an adequate perception by the student of his educational successes and failures and homework debate. Moms and dads who understand the weaknesses of the child do not require only fives and fours. Ask the first grader not how […]

5 reasons why you can’t meditate

The path to natural and enjoyable daily meditation lies through a series of obstacles. It is not difficult to overcome them if a) you know them, and b) you know how to “fight”!)) So, 5 obstacles and their overcoming. “I DON’T KNOW WHERE TO START.” Today there are schools and meditation teachers in any country […]


Attachment. This is the phenomenon upon which all suffering in the material world is based. By becoming attached to objects of pleasure, to one’s comfort zone, to one’s habitual state of affairs, routine, outlook, and so on, one is condemned to suffering. This is because of the impermanence of the material world. No material object […]