How to lose weight with yoga

Many go to the gym to get the figure of their dreams. Can yoga do the job too? Of course, regular training will affect the forms: the body will become toned, it may visually become less cellulite, the waist will take on an expressive shape. Ashtanga yoga has the most pronounced effect – it […]

How do you teach your child to do their homework on their own?

It must be remembered that children who are accustomed to constant control by their parents cannot do their homework and read on their own. The home environment relaxes the children, because you can walk around the house or have a snack while preparing the lessons, and the mother will not give twos. You can […]

How parental prohibitions spoil the adult life of a child. Psychologist’s advice

Some people grew up in prosperous families and for some time considered themselves happy. But having matured, they plunged into a series of unpleasant recurring events, when nothing good comes out. They cannot understand why this is happening. And psychologists find the answer in parental prohibitions that can operate within us all our lives … […]

Yoga asana technique for beginners: injury prevention

The issue of safety in India – the birthplace of yoga – is paid much less attention than in the West. This is due, first of all, to the peculiarities of the mentality. We are accustomed to rush and achieve results as quickly as possible – through excessive efforts, at the cost of our […]

How to recognize excessive stress in a child?

Symptoms of excessive stress in children are about the same as in adults. This is a decrease in efficiency in the process of studying, increased fatigue, memory impairment, headaches and other pains of unknown origin. Increased irritability or constant depression, outbursts of causeless anger. Sleep may be disturbed, previously unnoticed fears appear. Sometimes a […]

At what age is child psychotherapy adapted?

There are no strict age restrictions here as in When a child is very young and there are problems, you can work with a guardian dyad and thus prevent the development of, for example, communication disorders. The theme of psychotherapy is the relationship between the caregiver and the child, which forms a secure attachment, […]

Meditation lessons should be short

You don’t need to meditate for hours. Thinking practices over long periods of time are designed for “advanced users” or monks. For ordinary people, it is impossible to meditate for an hour or two a day for many reasons: work, children, fitness, hobbies, etc. It is much easier and more effective to arrange short […]

The psychological effect of screaming

Scientists conducted an experiment: they filmed the faces of people at the moment of screaming. Then they and showed them to the subjects themselves and studied the reactions: the majority noted that their appearance at the time of the cry ranged from frightening to disgusting. People expressed bewilderment – is it possible that their […]

Allergic reactions and diseases

Buying a pet comes with certain risks. Each species and even breed has its own. Let’s take a look at the most common ones and Allergy to wool, saliva, food Before adopting a pet, you need to pass an allergy test. Not only for the child, but for all family members. It is worth […]

Types of Meditation

Few people can go into meditation and at the snap of their fingers. Therefore, most meditations begin with auxiliary “crutches”. For example, counting the number of exhalations, scanning the body, staring at the palm – this is not yet meditation, but attunement to it. It is needed in order to reach the state of […]