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5 tips for organizing art classes

Parents of preschoolers often ask the question: how can a child develop a creative personality and homework debate? To develop creative thinking and creative activity, it is necessary to engage with the child. Moreover, these activities should be more like joyful communication than lessons. How to achieve this?

Tip 1. Give your child a choice

Your child is a creative person, take this statement as an axiom. If the kid does not show abilities in the visual arts, then perhaps he sings well or enthusiastically assembles the designer, inventing a new car. Watch your child, sooner or later he will find something to his liking.

Tip 2. Make classes regular

Creative education and https://argoprep.com/store/product/5th-grade-common-core-math-workbook-free-response/ does not tolerate occasional classes and long breaks. Schedule your classes, devoting more time to them on weekends, but not forgetting to set aside 15-20 minutes for them on weekdays as well. Try to arrange so that your creative activities proceed in a relaxed atmosphere. Arrange a special place where inspiration will reign. To do this, put colored cardboard, glue, glitter, colored stones, paints, plasticine and other materials for self-expression on a separate shelf or in a special box.

Tip 3. Praise your child more often

Even if the drawing or appliqué could have turned out better, praise the baby for the effort and desire to do something with his own hands – this will give him confidence. After all, creativity is a reflection of the child’s perception of the world around him, which means that there is no single correct result.

Tip 4. Don’t scold your child for a mess

A side effect of any creative process is a little mess. Be patient and sympathetic to the fact that scraps of paper, drops of paint, sequins and beads, colored sand will be scattered next to the little artist. Do not control the creative process even in order to maintain order, because creativity is primarily in the freedom of thought and action.

Tip 5: Save your creations and put on exhibitions

For any creative person, recognition of his creations and respect for his work is important. Save drawings, crafts, applications, take pictures and videotape dances and songs, read poems. It will take quite a bit of time, and it will be interesting to remember how extraordinary and creative your baby was. In addition, it is useful to arrange exhibitions of your child’s work, but be sure to take into account the opinion of the “master” – put on display only those creations that he likes.

We create and play together

Primary school students raising hands to answer the teacher’s question.

The main thing that will help your baby to succeed in any kind of creativity is joint creativity with parents. Do not leave him alone with the task – create together! Even if it seems to you that you do not have the ability to draw, you cannot sing or dance, forget about shyness: there are no uncreative people! What games will help to spend time with benefit with the child?

Joint drawing. Choose a simple plot and draw it with your child on a large sheet of paper. See, you’ll love it!
Singing in chorus. If there are two or three of you, you will get a duet or ensemble – sing your favorite song together, or maybe by roles. Good mood is guaranteed!
Modeling. Blind a magical forest from plasticine: trees, shrubs, flowers – and do not forget about forest animals.
Play. It will be interesting to play a simple fairy tale about Chicken Ryaba or Kolobok together. To do this, take the figurines of animals and assign roles. The child will be delighted that he will be able to participate in a theatrical performance.
Games in nature. Walking in nature provides many opportunities for the development of the child. By the river or the sea, children and adults are happy to build houses and castles from the sand. Walking in the forest, try to try on the role of builders and build a real hut. And if it’s winter outside, make your kid a real slide and be sure to let him take part in this process. Yes, and making a snowman is a good idea.
Finally, I would like to note that when playing with a child, it is important not to control or direct (that is, to be above the child), but to be together, on an equal footing with your son or daughter and show sincere interest in joint games and activities.