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Prerequisites for the practice. Rules before the first yoga class

It is desirable to practice on an empty stomach or 3 hours after a meal. You don’t believe me? Read https://www.julianalucky.com/post/10-top-yoga-books-for-kids.
For those who have stomach problems, you can drink tea with milk, cocoa, yogurt, etc. an hour before the practice.
Or eat some fruit.
Before the class you need to make sure that you have the right conditions:
Put a mat or a folded blanket on the floor.
Prepare a blanket to ensure maximum comfort and warmth in the final relaxation pose.
You can also prepare a blindfold – if you are practicing during the day.
Ensure silence. All phones, means of communication should be turned off, or the sound should be removed. If the environment is too noisy, you can buy “earplugs” at the drugstore, which will ensure silence at the time of exercise.
If you are engaged in any active sport, the last workout should be 3 (or better 4) hours before the practice.
The best option is to have this activity on a different day.
If you visit a sauna, then it is better not to practice yoga on this day, or provide 4-5 hours time gap between the sauna and your practice.
If you have taken alcohol (even a glass of wine) – do not do yoga,
There must be at least 36 hours between alcohol intake and yoga practice.
Do not take a contrast or too hot a shower right before or right after your yoga practice.
A moderately warm shower is okay.